Saturday, April 26, 2014

Chicks Go Back to Boston

Most of this post is from an email that Syndie sent to the group and I loved it so much I wanted to use her words combined with some of my own and share photos of our Boston Runnahs!

Wow.  What an incredible day in Boston this week!  

For the elite women it was crazy competitive.  All three of the top finishers broke the previous course record going under 2:20:43.  The top American female was Shalane with a 2:22:02 (finishing 7th).  A time she trained for and thought could win.  She did vow though later to come back every year until she wins it…and I know she will!  Desi was the 2nd America female and finished with a 2:23:54.  

On the men’s side it was all MEB!!  Meb Keflezighi from San Diego, took the lead at the beginning and never looked back.  He is the first American winner of the Boston Marathon in 38 years!!  What makes all of this even better is that he is such a genuinely likeable guy.  I have heard so many good things said about him, and read that on each corner of his race bib, written in black sharpie, was the names  of last year’s victims!  

This pic was one that he tweeted out before the race wishing everyone good luck and you can see the names!  Now that’s classy! 

Most importantly, our two gals Rachael & Darris finally were able to cross that finish line after being taken from the course last year due to the bombings.  We are all so grateful for their safety and that they were strong enough to go back.

We are so proud of both of them for completing that chapter of their lives.  Great job ladies!!

This photo of Darris makes me choke up seeing the emotion that everyone must have been feeling that day and crossing that finish line this year.

Darris and Rachel finishing!

Darris and Rachel with their medals!

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