Monday, January 9, 2012

Reach 11 Sunrise Run

Big group for the Halloween weekend run at Reach 11. Nothing better then to see some beautiful sunrises with a group of running chicks!

(l to r-front to back) Paula, Syndie, Elaine, Chris, Jen L., Heidi, Jodi, Emilie, Dara, 
Kristin D., Cori, Jen J., Stephanie 

Run to Fight Children's Cancer

RC3 Chicks have huge hearts and like to run for causes near and dear.  This was the Run to Fight Children's Cancer October 15, 2011. 

Kristin (424), Elaine (304), Emily (240), Christina (453) and Shelley L.

Pre Long Beach Marathon Training Run

Another glorious group run for RC3 chicks.  September 29th pre Long Beach Marathon training run.

 (Left to Right) Nikki, Syndie, Emily, Susie, Shelly, Jennifer and Dara