Monday, September 19, 2011

RC3 Chicks Dinner for Ronald McDonald House

One thing is clear about all the women in RC3. They really have big hearts and some were there to help our current celebrity McRunnerette (Emily Strunk-Helm) prepare dinner for the residents at the Ronald McDonald House in Phoenix.

The Ronald McDonald House provides a “home away from home” for children and their families who travel to Phoenix to receive treatment for serious, often life-threatening illnesses and injuries. Of course Chicks do everything 100% and so they went all out with a big taco bar. 

Although not all the chicks could be there. Many helped out by making some contribution to the dinner via money toward food and supplies.

Uh oh! It's the Chip Burglar!
L to R: McRunnerette (Emily Strunk-Helm), Christina Peace, Paula Sierka,
Jodi Norton, Emilie Speciale, Susie Kramer

With the Boss at RMH: Paula, Emilie, Ronald, Christina & Susie
Paula and Jodi  
Susie, Christina, Jodi and Helen Rowe

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