Monday, September 19, 2011

RC3 Chicks Dinner for Ronald McDonald House

One thing is clear about all the women in RC3. They really have big hearts and some were there to help our current celebrity McRunnerette (Emily Strunk-Helm) prepare dinner for the residents at the Ronald McDonald House in Phoenix.

The Ronald McDonald House provides a “home away from home” for children and their families who travel to Phoenix to receive treatment for serious, often life-threatening illnesses and injuries. Of course Chicks do everything 100% and so they went all out with a big taco bar. 

Although not all the chicks could be there. Many helped out by making some contribution to the dinner via money toward food and supplies.

Uh oh! It's the Chip Burglar!
L to R: McRunnerette (Emily Strunk-Helm), Christina Peace, Paula Sierka,
Jodi Norton, Emilie Speciale, Susie Kramer

With the Boss at RMH: Paula, Emilie, Ronald, Christina & Susie
Paula and Jodi  
Susie, Christina, Jodi and Helen Rowe

Oregon Wine Country Half Marathon

A few RC3 chicks took the opportunity to escape the Phoenix heat on labor day weekend and run in Oregon in the Willamette Valley region. We did Destination Races Wine Country Half Marathon. We had a team put together with a few friend recruits that Darris recruited. Some really great runs with highlighted by a PR run of 1:57 by Wendy (who happened to be our oldest team member and thus netting the team a lower average time via some age and gender calculation applied) and Amy's 2:09 finish knocking off 15+ minutes off her previous best time. Darris ran 1:45 and Syndie 1:51 to get them into the top 10 in their respective age groups. Team RC3 finished 5th out of 21 teams! 

Team RC3 at the finish.  L to R: Tabitha, Kim , e, Darris, Nicole, Syndie, Wendy & Amy 

Todd & Wendy Rawson, me ("e") and Amy Ostwinkle before walking down to the start area.

Peavine Trail Run

It's was so wicked hot this August that we decided to get out of town and head to Prescott for one of our long runs. RC3 chicks did this a couple years ago on the Peavine trail in Prescott. We also did the Peavine this year however we went a little farther by taking the connecting Iron King trail. It made for a great 14 mile route. Susie, Emily & Shelly were a bit more ambitious and went out for 18-20 miles! It was a nice break from the heat and something we need to do more of next summer! 

Back left to right: Emilie, Paula, "e", Susie and Susan
Front: Nikki, Emily, Amy and Shelly

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Chicks run San Diego Marathon, Half Marathon & Relay

Thank you Paula for the photos of our San Diego Rock-n-Roll Marathon and half marathon & relay participants (race day was June 5th). As always RC3 chicks rock every Rock-n-Roll event they sign up for. We're so proud of them for going the distance! Missing photos of some of the relay chicks and of Chris Brown who ran a speedy half marathon. Emma & Katie are Paula's awesome running girls and part of our RC3 family too!

Emma-relay, Dara-marathon, Jodi-marathon, Paula-Marathon, Katie-1/2 marathon

Dara, Emma, Abby (relay w/Emma), Paula, Katie and Jodi
Our marathon chicks- Dara, Paula & Jodi

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Some Chicks are "Tri'ing"

Triathlon has infiltrated our running club. There are a few of us running, biking and swimming these days. Emilie and buddy, Chantal did a JCC sprint triathlon in February. I went along to hold their stuff and take some photos. Both did great and medaled!

Emilie getting her number marked.

Chantal & Emilie before the swim. It was cold outside!
Thank God for RC3 sweatshirts!

Emilie swimming...

Emilie biking...

Emilie running!

Emilie & Chantal showing off their hardware!

RC3 Annual Party

We had our annual RC3 party on March 6th and I'll just let the photos speak for themselves. We had it at Janey's Coffee Shop in Cave Creek. Good food, drink & fun!!

Kelly and Kim being drawn to the cupcakes Christina made for our party.

Renee R. wine glass juggling.

Kim, Angela, Kelly & Kira

Nikki, Jodi & Cori

Jennifer, Amy, Renee P & Kim

Emilie & her hubby, Michael

Rebecca, Shelly O & Renee U

Elaine, Dara & Rachel

Susie & Christina

Famous Jen & Kim

We didn't do Ragnar in 2011 but we were certainly there in Spirit. Apparently we were not to be forgotten as a couple chicks made the cover of RagMag (magazine that they give out to all the Ragnar participants with maps etc. Our now famous Chicks Kim Rodgers handing off to Jennifer L. Gotta LOVE this photo!

RC3 Durapulse Running Clinic

Decided to get with it and bring our blog up to date. It might take awhile as the Running Chicks are up to something almost every weekend. Darn that facebook, it's getting all the attention and seems so convenient. If you haven't "liked" us on FB yet... Do it NOW!

Below is a photo from our March 2011 running clinic with Nick Goodman from Durapulse. We spent a couple of hours learning better run form and peppering Nick with questions.

Bottom left to right: Nikki, Valerie, Rachel, "e", Elaine, Chris & Jodi A
Back: Amy, Kelly, Wendy, Susan, Nick Goodman, Kristin, Renee P, Kim, Renee U, Emilie & Renee R

Thursday, January 27, 2011

RC3 Chicks Rocking PF Chang's

There are always some RC3 Chicks running in PF Chang's whether officially or unofficially (shhhhhhh... don't tell). First I'll say that all the official runners looked fabulous and they ALL had personal records. Syndie had a 20 something minute PR. It's incredible to see how far she's come in a year. Also besting their previous half times were Darris, Paula, and Kristin. Renee Pavelek ran her first half marathon in 2:07 which was very cool. Dara was the only full marathoner and it was her day. was her Birthday!

We sometimes make the rules up as we go—but it's an unwritten rule that Chicks don't let other Chicks celebrate running B-days and first time half marathons without some "Chick-A-Tude". So six of us packed into my Honda Fit and drove down to jump out onto the course. Nikki helped Renee get a super first half time by distracting her almost the entire distance. Chris Brown surprised Paula who was trying to break 2 hours and she did with speedy Chris there. Elaine, Jennifer, Nicole and I split up the marathon to party with the Birthday girl. She did great and beat her first marathon time(Nike Women's). Keep in mind that after Nike Women's marathon, Dara spent a few days in the hospital with pneumonia and Valley Fever. She had not run any long runs (18 or 20 milers) before PF Chang's. Nicole and I ran with her the last 10 miles and she never once complained about how tired or sore she was... well except for the butt cramp at mile 22-23.

Pacer Chicks and fast Chicks (the ones with medals).

The unofficial runners who won't be named so as not to get busted
by the Race Etiquette police!

Nicole helping Dara work out the 20 something mile butt cramp.
The dudes were totally checking the situation out!

Nicole and Nikki while waiting for Renee to come running by.
Chris finds Paula... Yay!!

New Year's Day Run

Before January is over, I thought I'd share our New Year's Day run. Or our 1-11 at Reach 11 run. We had a great turnout and I think everyone got in a good first run of the New Year. Sorry about the overexposure. We're just happy that we have SUN in January!

(back left to right) Jodi A, Nikki, Jennifer, Kelly, Susie, Renee R, Kim, Cori, Dara
(front left to right) Valerie, e, Susan P, Shelly and Paula