Thursday, November 18, 2010

Chrissie Wellington Q&A

Last Tuesday, Kelly N and I went to Road Runner Sports in Tempe to listen to Chrissie Wellington (3 time Ironman World Champion) answer questions about training and more. I loved her response to what she eats and her nutrition plan for training. I know part of doing Ironman is about the achievement—but let's face it—one gets to EAT and eat a lot and that is a nice bonus! Sorry, the video is a bit blurry. I had to make it small to upload to blogger.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Women's Half Marathon

The inaugural Women's Half marathon that started in Scottsdale and ended in Tempe turned out to be a nice local event. The RC3 chicks had some super results. Susie K came in 13th overall and picked up a nice trophy and Oakley sunglasses for finishing 3rd in her age group. This after staying up late because she did her first figure competition in Chandler on Saturday. She got 4th in the Master's figure class. Pretty good for her first show!

Jodi Asmus and Kelly N raced their first half and both in 2 hours. Kim R PR'd by 8 minutes from her last half marathon and Nikki ran a 2:02 with Cori B right behind her a few seconds. Heidi B who has been in "retirement" came out of it briefly to run a 2:05. Jennifer L PR'd with 2:10. She's one to watch as she gets stronger both mentally and physically each race. Christina P ran on her injured foot with a 2:17 and a few seconds later was was Wendy R with 2:17 and some change. I (e) ran with cement legs after doing the Summit Challenge the Friday before, so I was happy to get in at 2:19. Shortly thereafter Emilie S finished in 2:20. She's been running on an injured toe. Renee U finished 14 minutes faster than her last half (PF Chang's) proving that getting older doesn't mean getting slower. Vicki H fast walked and beat a lot of runners to the finish (15/mile pace!). Irene M did her first half marathon following in Vicki's footsteps and fast walked it out at a 16/mile pace.

Official results can be found HERE.

Overall it was a great day and I'm so proud of all the "Chicks" for getting to the start and doing so well. I always feel extremely proud to be in the midst of these Super Women!

Susie with her award and SWEET Oakley sunglasses she won.

Sometimes Chicks Hike too... Summit Challenge

Kelly N and I (e) met up with her NWLB biking buddy Angela and friend Christine, to do the Phoenix Summit Challenge. You hike 7 summits in one day. However, I must confess we skipped South Mtn because it's boring and we were worried about finishing in time to pick up our race packets for the Women's half marathon on Sunday. Besides, I kinda think running a half marathon in the same weekend negates the fact that we skipped a summit. Here's the proof that we did at least 6!

Summit #1: Papago Park at 6:00 a.m. (L to R) Kelly, e, Angela & Christine

Summit #2: Camelback!

Summit #3: Squaw Peak (a.k.a. Piestewa Peak)

Summit #5: Lookout Mountain

Summit #6: Shaw Butte

Summit #7: North Mountain

And last but not least --our imitation of dead cockroaches! Don't be surprised if this doesn't end up on an event promo sometime. The park staff thought it was funny and held up the signage behind us for another photo to use.

Nike Women's Marathon/Half Marathon

October was a big month for RC3 Chicks as we headed to San Francisco for the October 17th Nike Women's Marathon. We got picked in the lottery as a group and we were all looking forward to this event. Spending time in San Francisco with Running Chicks is a lot of fun. The day before the race, there was serious Macy shoe buying thanks to Nikki wearing cute but uncomfortable shoes while walking around San Francisco. Needless to say there was a multiple shoe buy discount that we had to help her out with (Thanks Nikki--I love my little boots!). Dinner the night before the race was at Fino and it was nice to get all of us together. Syndie is to thank for getting our group of 13 a reservation in super busy San Francisco. You'll see in the photo that RC3 chicks clean up really well.

The blog photos are a sampling of all the photos taken by multiple cameras. We put a lot of them in one place and you can see all the photos HERE both of the marathon/half marathon scene as well as the fun around SF photos.

I can only speak for part of the half marathon course as I took the yellow signs on the full marathon route. In general, I thought it was a nice course. Hilly, but we had trained for that. I didn't train enough for downhill though as my knees took a beating. I know some of the other marathon chicks that had the same knee issues. We got poured on while running down the Great Hwy and were very cold and wet at the finish. I won't go into detail about that but I will say that Nike could do much better in making sure there are heat blankets available to wet cold marathoners.

Susie K was a superstar again and took 16th overall. In a field of tens of thousands she continues to impress and amaze us all. Darris PR'd again in the half by a minute or two. With the hilly course, there is something to be said for that. Missy L did her first marathon and got a 4:04 time. She had to do a lot of training on her own and we are so proud of her for putting in such a great first time. She would have been under the 4 hour mark on a flatter course for sure. Dara raised a ton of money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society and it was great to share her first marathon experience with her. I had to put a photo of her "Just Did It" sign as I think that sums up the race for all us. Personally, the best part of the Nike Women's Marathon was hanging with the "peeps". Last but not least, I know we all want to thank Heidi for our Starwood Palace Hotel accommodations. We stayed in luxury and we loved the hotel and being so close to everything we wanted to see and do.

The Nike half and full RC3 Chicks at Fino.

Waiting for the shuttle bus in the cold. (L to R) Jen L., Missy, Emilie, Nikki, Elaine & E.

At the start. (L to R) E, Amy O, Syndie, Missy, Nikki, Elaine and Jen.

Pink RC marathon Chicks! Nikki, E & Jen.

Boy did she ever! Now a marathoner and still one of the coolest Chicks out there!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Time for some updates... First up Javelina Moonlight Run!

September 25th was the Javelina Moonlight Run. It's meant to be a pre Javelina Jundred training run but I used it as my last "long run" before the Nike Women's Marathon. Kelly Nash joined me and her bicycle buddy, Sue Berliner decided to participate at the last minute also. There is something kind of cool about running in the dark out in the desert. Aravapai Running puts on both events and I have to say that I just love how great Jamil and Nick Coury race direct. The aide stations were great and running Pemberton Trail is always a nice change from road running. No spectacular results as I was super conservative. Had a bit of a ankle/knee twist and so I slowed way down. I think Kelly was there for the food so we chatted, ran and walked in the dark. The moon rising in the sky during the first hour or so, was beautiful. We stopped at one lap (15.5 miles) but others kept going for 2, 3 and 4 laps. They're all super human in my book!

Sue Berliner, Kelly & E at the finish.