Thursday, July 29, 2010

Napa to Sonoma Half Marathon

The Napa to Sonoma half marathon was on July 18 starting in beautiful Napa at the Cuvaison Winery. Susie K, Darris, Syndie and I ran down two lane roads surrounded mostly by grape vines and vineyards. We finished in the town square in Sonoma. What a nice race this is. The scenery and weather were perfect. The RC3 superstars represented and all the girls (with the exception of myself) had a PR. Susie got second in her age group with a super fast 1:30 finish and Darris dropped 8 minutes off her previous half marathon time. She is getting faster and faster with each race. Syndie did great as well with a 2:11 something time and I was less than a minute behind her. Bobby K (Susie's running spouse) also ran a nice quick 1:45 ish. I'm sure this event will be revisited by RC3 chicks (and maybe roosters) again next year.

Here's the proof that we were there!

At the Expo at Cornerstone Gardens the day before. Darris, Syndie & Susie posing with the garden art.

Syndie with hubby Scott (left) and Darris with hubby, Paul (right) in front of the plastic daisy garden "thingy"

Super RC3 running chick, Susie K, getting her award. She got second in her age group.

Post race relaxing— E, Syndie, Darris & Susie

"Rooster Runner" Bobby with his chick (and wife) Susie

Where the start line was—Cuvaison Winery

This is pretty much what the course looked like most of the time—except with runners

Picnic lunch at V. Sattui Winery after the run. We were joined by Syndie's very cool parents and son Ryder.