Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Syndie and Ryder's Spur Cross Adventure

The Cave Creek Trail Run (CCTR) is only 2 weeks away. Syndie and her son Ryder are participating. They pre-ran/hiked the trail last weekend and took some nice photos.

Shelly, Missy, Suzy Q and I were there earlier in the a.m. However, we were not as brave to do the creek crossing. Guess we needed a kiddie there to tell us to stop being wimpy!

Looks like it was lots of fun. Go Ryder! We RC3 chicks love to see the kids participating in events with us.

Thanks for sharing Syndie. I think the CCTR is going to be quite scenic with all the wildflowers that were getting ready to break out.

Is that a mountain lion??

Outdoor Syndie chick!

So... was is cold??

Ryder makes that stone hopping look easy.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ragnar Del Sol 2010

RC3 lined up at the start for Ragnar 2010 and we started out with lots of attitude both in running and in establishing our team identity along the way. I know I can speak for the chicks in vehicle 2 in saying we had fun while it lasted. I'll let vehicle one blog their own experience since we didn't get to see them much after the first big exchange. Unfortunately, we didn't finish Ragnar for reasons that seemed out of our control. The confusion started with a very serious accident on the way to Lake Pleasant. A young man is in critical condition and the prognosis looks grim at best. This cast a somewhat somber mood over the entire Ragnar event. At the time our second runner, Debi, was almost to transition 19 when they turned runners around and advised that they would be re-starting the race at exchange 24 (where Vehicle 1 would start). We waited for Debi and Emilie to come back to the car and then we detoured all the way around Lake Pleasant to get to exchange 24. We were just about to pull into the exchange but were told (by V1) it was a bit chaotic as everyone was trying to figure out the re-start and so we went home to wait for the call to start our last leg. The Ragnar officials had the game plan and started sending teams on their way at 5:30 a.m. However, RC3 had decided not to start again. Nikki and I couldn't quite end our sleepless momentum and decided to take our spouse's volunteer duties at exchange 25. I talked to many of the teams coming through and we saw the teams we were buddying up with throughout the day and night go through exchange 25. The re-start was a good thing for those at exchange 25 as all the teams had gone through by 10:00 a.m. That was probably good for Nikki and I. I think if we had to be there until 2:00 p.m. we would have been sleeping on the job.

So now that you know the result, I want to share some highlight's of V2. But first, can you guess who that is by the photo below?? I'll give you a hint... we had some serious chick-a-tude going on.

Emilie, Christina, Darris, Kira, e, Emily, Jodi, Debi, Susie, Nikki and Kim (Jen was running)

Back to the highlights of V2...
I would say the outfits were definitely getting us some attention along the way and we had fun playing the "chicken dance" song alongside the road. Jen started us out with a nice consistent pace and we were keeping pretty close to our pace calculations. She handed off to Debi. Debi was our final roster fill in. What an asset she was to our vehicle! She is a super strong runner (She's and Ironman competitor) and she rocketed up the hills on her first leg. There were dudes telling us our runner (Debi) was really tough and fast. A tough act to follow, but Emilie pulled it off with a MAJOR uphill battle at probably a whole minute faster pace than she normally ran while training on flat roads. I did leg 3 last year (which was Susie's leg this year) and I thought that was bad. Arguably, Emilie may have had the toughest leg (or at the very least--the second toughest leg). It just kept going up, up, up. One hill climb after another. Every time we looked up the road we would all say "Poor Emilie!" But Emilie showed no signs of slowing down and I did not hear her complain once. AND she out sprinted a guy to the exchange. It was a rock star performance and I think Emilie is going to continue to amaze us.

Darris was also on fire. That girl has kick! She just keeps getting faster and faster running in the 8:00 minute mile range. When she wasn't running she was making some of the guys running laugh and their faces would get beet red when she would yell out the window "Go sexy legs" or something to that effect. Too funny!

Nikki did her usual speedy, steady pace. She even got to jump in the car to get transported over some running washes (we were totally in BFE) and I didn't get her after run assessment because she handed off to me. The other Chicks just said she was WAY too spunky. There were no highlights in my performance. I go through a tough 3 miles EVERY run regardless of place, time etc. However, my last 4 miles felt good and my pace was much faster. Overall we held up our end of the team effort and we were looking forward to our second legs. Jen was the only one that got to finish her second leg before the accident occurred. Debi was running and a mile from the transition when they turned the runners around.

Although we didn't finish Ragnar, I think the accident was sobering and our thoughts transitioned to the family of this young man. Once again we are reminded that we are runners, but still mere mortals and cars are no match for us. We must do everything in our power to be seen on the roadway and always be alert. I think all the teams that soldiered on and finished Ragnar did so with muted celebration and a heavy heart.

Proof is in the picture...

Ok, Sandi and Irene are redeemed and now official Lost Dutchman finishers.
Here's the two rogue runners photo proof (compliments of Action Sports photos).

Way to go Chicks!