Sunday, February 21, 2010

Special Lost Dutchman Peeps

You know, it took me so long to do my marathon that I didn't get to see everybody after my finish. They were long gone...

That being said, Irene and Sandi did the 8k trail run and I didn't even know it. I believe this may have been a first running event for these two chicks and I want to give them a special "shout out". Irene and Sandi go to boot camp with me and the physical change for these two ladies is very apparent. They both should be very proud of how hard they worked to improve their health and well being. I know we're all proud of them.

Now... where's my finish photo ladies?? I'm going to make another chick rule that will be rule #2 right after #1 which is "No whining unless you have a bottle in your hand." (Renee Rivera made this one up -- although I think she said it much better)... Rule #2: You better have a finish photo or there will be no proof that you actually finished (and you will be reprimanded for not having RC3 blog material). Yikes! Who knows what rule #3 will be but I'm sure we'll make that up as we go along.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Chicks Run on Valentine's Day

It was a pretty awesome Valentines Day's for RC3. Sure, we could have stayed home and painted little hearts on our toenails but what do running chicks do?? They RUN and they run FAR and FAST!

RC3 chicks participated in multiple events at the Lost Dutchman Marathon, half marathon, 10k and 8k trail run. Meanwhile Emily Strunk was in the Lone Star State doing the Austin Marathon.

Now for the highlights....

Participants were Susie (a.k.a. "Wind") and myself.
Let's just say that before Susie, we all ran and left immediately after the event to head home. NOW we actually stay for the award ceremonies. Susie had a marathon PR (personal record for those of you that are reading this and not runners) and a 2nd place overall finish for the women. She ran the Lost Dutchman like there actually WAS a pot of gold at the end! An impressive 3:13 marathon time. I also want to qualify that with the fact that she was only bested by a runner 17 years younger and she finished in front the likes of ultra running legend, Pam Reed. Susie is an inspiration to all of us and we really are so happy to know her. I don't think anyone will disagree that she wins the Valentine's Runner Award (I just made that up-- if we had that--she would win hands down). Also, Susie's son, Gunnar did his first run. He did the 2 mile run and finished in 16 minutes. Great job Gunnar--that's an impressive first running event time! (See cute photo of Gunnar running with Mom to to marathon finish).

Then there was my (e) performance. I actually managed to post my worst ever marathon time. I should be kinda upset about that but I'm NOT. I have a 50 miler coming up in April and it was either run 30 miles around my home because all my running buddies are at Lost Dutchman or sign up, get a shirt and do a training run with other people. So I signed up (it is all about the shirt you know). That being said, I had a GREAT training run. I actually met and ran from mile 6 to 21 with a running chick (Mary Croft) who has done a cajillion ultra marathons. I got schooled about training and nutrition all along the way while sticking to a nice conservative pace led by Mary. Had I not felt a little "light-headed" thirsty and somewhat exhausted at mile 21, I may have been able to stay with her to the finish. However, I was a bit worried about the whole dehydration and heat thing (it was getting hot) so I practically walked the last 5 miles. As Mary informed me, the goal is to learn to go slow for the first half of a 50 so you can keep going for the second half. Mission accomplished (with lots of water gulping and pouring on myself at the last few aid stations). Best parts--the first very beautiful 7 miles in the Superstitions, getting to meet and run with Mary and seeing Nikki, Darris (in her Tutu), Jennifer, Emilie, Syndie, Marc & Kim at mile 24. I got to hear about all half marathon results and joke around for the last 2 miles.

Kim, Nikki, Darris, Emilie, Jennifer, e, Syndie

Lost Dutchman Half Marathon
Participants Nikki, Darris, Jennifer, Syndie & Jodi. Darris is continuing to amaze us all with her rapid improvement. She ran only her second half marathon and bested her PF Chang's first marathon time by almost 3 minutes. She's UNDER the 2 hour mark now. Not only that, she wore a pink tutu for Valentine's Day. Was it the tutu?? Perhaps it was like wearing wings...
Nikki also had a PR by 4 minutes and Syndie as well. Jodi did her usual speed half (1:47) and was on her way home long before I came in. Jennifer just did a full marathon less than a month ago and so she had the shaky legs at the end. I totally know how that feels as I felt that way running PF Chang's half a year ago after the Tucson marathon. Watch out though... I've got some money on Jennifer to have the biggest PR in RC3 history after she gives the legs some recovery and after I convince her to run more than she ever thought she would while I train for my ultra.

Lost Dutchman 8k trail Run
Kim and "Man Chick" Mark (it's okay--Mark is cool and man enough not to take this MC title too seriously), Emilie, Renee, & Yvonee all did the trail run. I'm going to let them comment on the course and how it was. I feel terrible that we didn't discuss this much as we were too in awe of Susie and the half marathon PR's.

Marc, Kim, Renee U. & Yvonne after the 8k trail run.

Austin Marathon
We missed Emily at the Lost Dutchman but she was running the distance at the Austin Marathon (also on Valentine's Day). Emily is also a very fast chick. Certainly not a PR for Em (3:51) but anytime you cross the line doing 26.2 it's a win. She's got many speedy marathons to her credit. Pretty soon Em is going to show up in the results under a new name (she's getting married in just a few weeks) and I don't think marriage will slow her down anytime soon!

Emily (Strunk) running the Austin Marathon

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Mountain Ambassador Chicks

Darris and I met Katie Visco (see previous blog and link for more about Katie) for a second hiking adventure up Camelback mountain. We also hiked to the top with Katie's friends Chris and Amanda. I chatted with Chris all the way down and I have to say, it's refreshing to meet such level headed and super nice 20 somethings. Chris is a good runner (and hiker) and he is planning on doing his first marathon soon. I'm sure he'll do great.

Darris and I have decided to be Chick "Mountain Ambassadors". It has been many, many, many years since I've hiked Camelback and I remembered it was challenging. It still is— but I think the running base I've built has certainly made it a more enjoyable challenge. It felt so great to revisit Camelback that Darris and I are planning on adding this to our in-between boot camp week routine. Hope to have some more RC3 chicks join us!

Chris, Katie Darris Amanda & e on the top of Camelback Mountain

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Chicks Hike Too...

Darris and I hiked up Pinnacle Peak with Katie Visco who is on her way back across the country after running from Boston to California. You can learn all about her by visiting Pave Your Lane. She's been running on lots of roads but we took her on her first AZ hike and she'll be hiking up Camelback mountain on Friday.

Darris is our Black Mountain Elementary Girls On The Run chick and Katie's run across America was in part to bring awareness to that program. Darris ran with her for some miles on her way to California.

I enjoyed meeting Katie. She's a bright young chick already onto BIG adventures. We chatted about doing an ultra marathon. I think she is all "trained up" after running 3000+ miles!