Monday, January 18, 2010

RC3 Chicks Rocked PF Chang's Rock-N-Roll...

RC3 Chicks were out in force at the Phoenix PF Chang's Rock-N-Roll marathon and half marathon. It was a super nice running day. Last year it was HOT but this year it was cooler and even breezy at times. Personally, I enjoyed running "unofficially" with first time marathoner, Jennifer. I ran the half last year and this year I got to run the marathon course for about 14 miles and it was actually pretty nice. We ran behind a clown, Elvis and the cheerleaders were super fun. I loved the aid station costume contests. It's not everyday Batman takes the time to hand out water. I also saw Tammie Massie who I paced for a lap at the Javelina 100. She was doing the Dean Karnazes 50K dressed in pink and with hula skirt and a pink RC3 visor. Great to see you Tammy! If anyone ever tells you you're crazy for running a marathon, you can just send them to her blog (link here). She does a marathon, 50 mile or 100 mile almost weekly. I would like to know where all those medals go...

I'm happy to say Jennifer L has joined our little group of RC3 marathoners now. She had a rough time with the mixing of the sports drink and Gu etc and it did not sit well in her stomach. That made her first marathon a tough one, but Jennifer is a tough chick and those of us that have run with her, know her finish time is not representative of the runner that she is. That's why this will not be her last marathon. She'll be back for her "restitution run".

Jennifer crossing the timing strip at the finish.

I didn't get back to the half finish before the RC3 chicks started coming in (there was a traffic jam of all the people trying to get to the finish). But apparently they came in one after another in a half hour time span. Jen J who found RC3 after she was in deep training with a marathon training group, had a great 1:53 finish. We hope to have her train with us next year as quite honestly, we're more fun! I don't know what corral newbie RC3 chick Kristin N was in, but she and Darris were probably walking through the shoot and in the snack area right next to each other and didn't even know it! Kristin was in at 2:01 ish. An incredible first half marathon run for Darris coming in at 2:02. She was helped by fast chick Susie K. running unofficially on the half course to pace Darris. I think the photo below says it all when you need to put a face with a name. Darris is our RC3 "Muse.
 Seriously, there is never a dull moment in the company of Darris!

Jamee, Syndie and Darris... This is what happens when you drink light beer

Kira came in shortly after in 2:07 and that is a great first half time as well. New RC3 chick, Susan Parker, was in at 2:08. Jamee Hubler knocked 11 minutes off her previous PF Chang's time and Elaine J (also just joined RC3) cut 16.5 minutes off her previous time. Those are some huge improvements chicks!

I was tracking Darris, Kira and Renee Rivera on my cell phone and was super surprised when I got Renee's finish line time. Still wearing a brace around a wrist she really smashed up months ago on a hard fall (she had surgery to put it all back together again) and only being able to get back to a running routine a few weeks before, she finished a half hour better than what she thought. Syndie (McNaughton) also had a nice first finish time of 2:17. Syndie is getting to be a better runner almost daily and I can't wait to see her next half time. Christina was sick and I don't think she could even run the week before the half. But she totally rocked and got a 2:20 finish time. Christina is also getting better all the time and I think she is going to do great on our RC3 Ragnar team. I think there will be plenty of good runs to come for her.

I met Dara Lopata on a couple Spur Cross runs. She also posted a great time but I'm more impressed with how great she looks after running a half marathon. How do you do that?? Obviously, I need to run with her more so that run-and- lookness will rub off on me. See photo below and you'll agree!

Jamee, Dara & Syndie showing off their post race smiles.

Emily Strunk is one of our newest members and has joined up with the fast RC3 chick club. I checked her results and she did a speedy 1:42. Sheesh... she probably got home for breakfast! Renee U... sorry to hear that you did not have an asthma free run. Glad to see you finished it out. That's what makes you so cool. If we can all do what you do and be half as cool at your age then we'll all be lucky chicks!

A gang of of RC3 half marathoners. Unofficial pacer Susie, Kira, Syndie, Christina, Darris, ummm... I don't know the chick next to Darris (Help me!), and Jamee.

Unofficial pacers Nikki & "e" (dressed in official RC3 shirts so that we contrasted with with marathon Jennifer's running outfit!

Overall, it was a good day. Every time chicks get together and participate in an event it makes me proud to be in their company. Congratulations to you all!

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  1. Congratulations to all the RC3 ladies who completed the half and the full marathons!

    You guys ROCK!!

    It was great to spend a bit of time along the course with Pacer e & Jennifer and subsequently Pacer Nikki & Jennifer. You all are such a great group of runners and so supportive of each other. I wish I lived in AZ rather than here in cold/wet/humid MD:-)

    Happy Running!

    P.S. My medals (up to 82 now start out on my wall of fame going up the stairs near my certificates for Umstead 100 and plaques for VT100). When I run out of hooks I put them in a box for sorting once a year. Medals that are identical over the years get donated to Medals for Mettle where they give others facing way harder challenges than a marathon hopefully some inspiration and encouragement.