Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Little Press for RC3

RC3 is in Foothills Focus today. You can read the online story from the link below. I personally loved how Kim described meeting up with the group as a "home coming". I totally feel that way but couldn't quite describe that bond.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Reach 11 Sunday Run

Here are the Chicks who ran at Reach 11 today. Nikki came post photo to help support Jennifer in her 20 miler today. It was her last long run before PF Chang's marathon. I also ran most of it with her. Our half marathon girls looked pretty fresh at the end of their 11 mile run. I think they're all ready for PF Chang's in a couple weeks. Go Chicks!

Front row (left to right): Christina, Kira, e, Darris and Jodi.
Back row: Jennifer, Emilie, Syndie and Jamee.

Spur Cross Run

We had a really nice turnout for some pre holiday running (12-20-2009) and training for PF Chang's half marathon. Good thing I remembered to throw my camera in the car!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

More Tucson Pictures

Bridget, Claire and I as we run along the 1/2 marathon course.
All smiles after we crossed the finish line. I have to say, these girls are awesome to run with. We've got a great group of chicks! Go RC3!

Pictures courtsey of Marathon Photo.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Finally! All About Tucson ...

Hard to believe that last weekend some of us Chicks were at Tucson doing lots of running. Kim, Claire, Bridget and Susie did the half marathon. Kim, Claire and Bridget all finished together and I understand they improved by almost a half hour from PF Chang's last January. Susie (who we also call "Wind") was going for a top 10 finish in the women's overall. She was in the top 7 until about mile 9 when she had to take a little bathroom break. She ended up in 14th place in the women's overall competition and 3rd in her age group. She's definitely our competitor in the group and she is an inspiration to all of us. Heather, Renee, Syndie & Christina ran the marathon relay. They did a great job and it was wonderful seeing them along the course when Nikki and I ran the full marathon.

Nikki is likely still celebrating the completion of her first marathon. Congratulations Nikki! She is such a strong runner and her time is a little distorted by the fact that she ran with me through 21 miles of not feeling well. I think I got bitten by the flu bug and my marathon was much longer and harder than anticipated. I finished with a time not to my liking, but considering the circumstances, I was happy to finish. There are always more marathons to run. I was very happy that Syndie ran with Nikki to the finish and I'm sure that was a big boost on that last 5 mile stint after Susie and I (Susie met us at the 19 mile mark to run us to the finish) convinced her to go ahead and finish strong.

Overall, it was a good little road trip. We had a nice pre race dinner at NORTH and had a little birthday celebration for Heather.

Click on photos for a full size image.

Here's Susie sprinting through the finish line in the half marathon.

Heather, Christina, e, Nikki, Syndie and Susie. Kim, Claire and Bridget were M.I.A. In fact, I have no photos of them running the half. Apparently, they finished a bit sooner than Kim's spouse, Mark, anticipated and he missed them finishing. Renee had to head home right after her relay leg so we're missing her as well.

Renee finishing her leg of the relay team. Renee got to experience the marathon start with Nikki and I in the morning. I wish I had a photo of how pretty it was at sunrise at the start in Oracle.

Syndie running Nikki to the finish line.

Nikki crossing the finish line. Congratulations Nikki!

Christina bringing it home for the RC3 relay team.
Here I (e) am coming to the finish. It was good to have my running buddy there to run in with me. That was plan A all along and although we separated in the last 5 or 6 miles, we both finished it out and I'm very proud of Nikki for doing her first marathon. I think she may be doing this again. Whether you have a good day or a bad day running, there is always an emotional attachment to crossing that finishing line.

Relay chicks, Heather and Syndie.

Syndie with her son, Ryder and hubby, Scott. Ryder ran with his mom for quite a ways at the end of her relay leg. He's already a good soccer player and has lots of practice running back and forth on the field. How many soccer fields did you run at Tucson Ryder?

Christina and her brother Matt. Matt ran the half marathon in 1:18 placing him in the top 10 overall finishers. He is one speedy dude! Now that he's done Tucson once, he will be a contender to win in all if he gives it another go next year.

Nikki and Syndie happy to be done!

A little birthday cake for Heather at our pre race dinner at NORTH. Kim's kids (Brianna and Jason) were glad that her iron willpower left them with a good portion of chocolate cake.

Saturday, December 12, 2009


I did my very first 5k last weekend (The Luminaria Run). I had a great time and was very thankful afterwards for my husband and the adjustment he gave me after the run. It made me think of all you guys running these intense marathons! All the best athletes all have a chiropractor! My husband Keith and I invite you to take advantage of a free exam at his office--including xrays($350 value)---if needed! Just call his office and tell him that you are a Running Chick! Or check out our website
Happy Running

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Luminaria Run

We missed the Kids' Dash, but Mark, Brianna, Jayson and I competed in the 2 mile race. Brianna ran the majority of the race; her goal was to be the first in the family to finish. She did a great job. I think we have a future running chick on our hands. Mark caught up to her at the finish line. Jayson and I walked (which was fine after my 10.5 mile run Saturday AM and his six year old legs). We did run to the finish line! It was a great first family race. I see many more in our future.

Running With Little Chicks

Black Mountain Elementary Girls on the Run and Buddy Runners. Darris' daughter, Payton, was quite the fashion statement. She's in the stripes, with matching monkey gloves and hat. She is a mini Darris!

Here's a "shout out" to our own RC3 super chick, Darris, who buddied us up with the Black Mountain Elementary School Girls On The Run program. Darris is the coach and she did a fantastic job prepping her girls for the Runner's Den, Fiesta 5K. She was there at the finish to award the medals to the girls. The smiles on their faces after they crossed the finish and got their medal was priceless.

Jamee, Susie and I buddied up and talked the girls through. A 5k is a long way when you're 8-11 years old. Especially when you shoot off the start at lightening speed! An awesome performance by Susie and her buddy, Signe. They finished in 24 minutes earning both of them a spot in the top 25 women. Susie won her age group (which is also my age group... hopefully, she'll "age up" soon so I can move up a place : ) Signe was 3rd overall in her age group and not far behind 1st and 2nd place.

I ran with Signe's younger sister Annika, who is 8 years old. Bless her heart, she started off a little fast trying to catch her older sister. Our pace was between 8:00-8:30 for that first mile. I'm thankful she got tired, because I don't know if I could have held that pace for the next 2 miles. Needless to say we finished in 31:33. Annika was 15th overall in her age group (She is in her older sister's age group so both Susie and Signe need to "age up"!!).

Jamee ran with Claudia who was a little farther back because she probably was too excited to think to go to the bathroom before the race. Rumor has it there may have been a porta john stop not to mention some double fisted drinking at the water stops. They finished in 45 minutes. Still a good time—again 3.1 miles is a LONG way for a little runner chick!

I have to say, this was really rewarding and fun. I hope all you RC3 chicks get a chance to be a buddy at the Spring GOTR 5k. Again, kudos to Darris for showing her "chick-a-tude". You could tell the girls just loved her as their coach!

You can get race results at or Click on photos for full size photo.

Susie leading her buddy Signe to the Finish Line!

Annika and I ("e") crossing the finish line. Yay! We're done!