Monday, September 14, 2009

ARR I-Did-A-Green-Run

Some of the RC3 Chicks put it all out there in the Arizona heat to participate in their first running event—the ARR (Arizona Road Racers) I-Did-A-Green-Run. The race promoted being "Greener" by giving out grab bag T-shirts, collecting running shoes for recycling and making sure there were recycling bins available for all the cans and cups. September is still a bit "toasty" here in Arizona so these chicks (and chick dude) deserve a pat on the back. Or in Christina's case, water on the head (you had to be there).

Here's the RC3 Chicks and Mark who was a Chick "Dude" for the morning. Left to right, Christina, Vicki, Kira, Renee, Kim & Mark.

Here's Kira who looks awfully happy to be running. She did a great job considering how hot it was and being her first 10k. She came in under an hour.

Kim and hubby Mark. Both ran the 10k and we won't say who beat who over the finish line as we RC3 Chicks are all about peace and harmony.

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