Friday, September 25, 2009

Massage Discount

For you achy or stressed out running chicks..Holistic Health Therapies has graciously offered to give us a discount on in-home massages. Just mention that you are an RC3 chick and Ginger will give you an hour massage for $70. She's a wonderful therapist and I know you ladies will adore her. She also offers reiki, cupping, reflexology and several other services. Hope you are all having a great week!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Meet RC3 Chick—Lori Spataro

Lori's getting out on the Thursday track sessions. Some long legs on this Chick for sure. We've known Lori right from the get-go when we all met at boot camp and we're happy to share her "coolness" with you.

Lori and running hubby Lucian

What are your goals or why do you run? I'm planning on running in my first 5K this October in Race For The Cure! I'm a real beginner at this running thing but I'm loving it. I started with the idea I would improve my fitness level but now I feel I need to challenge myself more, so I hope to do a half marathon within a year...everyone needs to hold me to that!!

Do you have a favorite running song? Don't laugh but I love to run to hip-hop daughter is rolling her eyes at me right now, seriously I love all kinds of music so if anyone got a hold of my ipod they would probably say what the heck??

Where's your favorite place to run? Last summer my family and I went to Coronado island for vacation and every morning we took our dog to the beach for a run. I would have to say that has been my favorite spot so far!

Tell us a little about YOU. Well, I moved to Arizona from Ohio in 1985 and never looked back! Shocker huh? I have a daughter from my first marriage...Lauren is in her senior year at the UofA and I'm looking forward to her graduation and finding a job! ha-ha Seriously though, I remarried 2 years ago to a wonderful man who supports my running as he is a runner himself. I have been a hairstylist for 20 years and I cherish my free time. I love to read, exercise, go to movies and of course shop! I feel so fortunate to be a part of such an inspirational group of women in RC3...I look forward to running with you chicks for a long time.

Favorite saying or inspiration. There are so many people that inspire me but my father tops the list. He encouraged me to try new things without the fear of failure. He taught me the true meaning of the "glass half full" even after his Alzheimer's diagnosis he remained positive and up beat all the time. I lost my dad two years ago but I still hear his words of wisdom.

Do you have a "mantra" that keeps you going? That's simple...Never give up!

Monday, September 14, 2009

ARR I-Did-A-Green-Run

Some of the RC3 Chicks put it all out there in the Arizona heat to participate in their first running event—the ARR (Arizona Road Racers) I-Did-A-Green-Run. The race promoted being "Greener" by giving out grab bag T-shirts, collecting running shoes for recycling and making sure there were recycling bins available for all the cans and cups. September is still a bit "toasty" here in Arizona so these chicks (and chick dude) deserve a pat on the back. Or in Christina's case, water on the head (you had to be there).

Here's the RC3 Chicks and Mark who was a Chick "Dude" for the morning. Left to right, Christina, Vicki, Kira, Renee, Kim & Mark.

Here's Kira who looks awfully happy to be running. She did a great job considering how hot it was and being her first 10k. She came in under an hour.

Kim and hubby Mark. Both ran the 10k and we won't say who beat who over the finish line as we RC3 Chicks are all about peace and harmony.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Long Country Roads...

Thought I'd share a few photos the spouse took of me running my 15 mile long run in Michigan. I ran from my Parent's farm in Fitchburg thru Leslie and finished up at my high school friend's house in Onondaga (Audrey). She fixed me an awesome waffle breakfast. The weather was perfect and I really enjoyed this long run. Very few cars to worry about and lots of scenery. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I forgot that it was a LONG run. I'm back in Cave Creek for 16 this weekend and am looking forward to running with my "peeps"!

I just made the turn off the first part of Fitchburg Road when my hubby snapped this photo. Only 3 or 4 miles into my run at this point. Click on photo for more detail.

Fitchburg road goes all the way to Leslie which is about 8 miles from my Parents.

Here I am running past the Leslie water tower. If you ever actually drove through Leslie you might see the irony in the slogan on the tank.