Saturday, August 8, 2009

Peavine Trail Run

Six of us did a road trip this am to Prescott to run on the Peavine Trail. All of us agreed that it was a really fantastic running trail and we'll be going back for sure. We ran eight miles today. The Peavine Trail is 5.2 miles long but you can make it a much longer run as it connects with other trails around Watson lake and to Prescott valley. This would make a great place to do longer marathon training runs. The run is a gradual uphill for about 3 miles but you don't really notice it because of the view of Watson Lake and the rock formations to distract you. Click on the more info below for a few photos of the Peavine trail. Next time I'm going to take a video recorder that I can put on my visor so I can record some of the nicer views and heavy breathing (that would be me).

We had a super time joking around and having a nice breakfast afterwards. Some of the highlights were our interpretations of how we should respond if we were spotted by a hungry mountain lion (there were warning signs on the trail) and what slogans we could put on the back of our shirts.

We got some mountain bike dude to take our photo. From left to right: Renee U, Renee R, Kim, e, Nikki & Heather. Forgive us if we look like we just ran...

The breakfast spread. We had giant muffins (so giant we had to split it 3 ways), fruit & some awesome protein drink that Renee R. got at Costco (which makes me want to get a Costco membership) and juice.

In front of the trail system sign. Of course, I ("e") took the photo. There is also one with me in it but for some reason I appear to have my eyes sealed shut.

For more about the Peavine Trail (with a few photos) and the Mile High trails in Prescott, CLICK HERE.

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  1. It looks like you girls had a lot of fun. I hope I can join in for the next one. Renee R. U Go Girl!! 6 miles! I am so proud of you pace partner!!!