Tuesday, August 25, 2009

RC3 Getting Bigger and Better!

Our club started out as just a few chicks running together and now we've grown to 36 members. We are now an official non-profit organization and a member club of the RRCA. It's great to see how far we've come and look forward to how much farther we can go!

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Hello Chicks,

I would like to share a couple of pictures of three of our RC3 Chicks from the Peavine Trail Run in Prescott we had last month. "E", Nikki, & Kim.

The Chicks training for the Tucson Marathon have been working very hard since that beautiful day, running further and training harder as the Marathon day soon approaches. Kudos to the RC3 Chicks! You are all truly inspirational, keep up the hard work.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Meet RC3 Chick—Bonnie Mull

We're proud of how cool our RC3 chicks are both in running and in their daily lives. This month we would like you to meet another RC3 running Mom Bonnie...

Bonnie with her family. Husband, Steve and daughter, Tia

Name/Nickname: Bon, B, Bonster
What are your goals? Hum, this is a tough one as I do not consider myself a runner. I have not done any type of formal running or training, and come to think of it I am not really sure how I even got roped into boot camp or the running club, but I am really happy to be involved in both. My goal is to try to get into shape and be healthy, I will keep you posted with my ongoing challenge.

Do you have a favorite running song? I do not listen to an ipod, but when I do listen to music I switch throughout the day – anything from LL Cool J, the Fugees, Bon Jovi, and Rod Stewart, up to Fergie.

Where's your favorite place to run? Aside from boot camp and an occasional run with the awesome RC3 chicks, the majority of my running comes from chasing after my ever so sweet 6 year old daughter Tiamarie (who goes by T or Tia).

Tell us a little about YOU. I have lived in Phoenix since 1973, whoa that is a really long time! I moved to the Desert Hills area in 1999 with my then fiancé and now husband Steve. We moved into a house we built a in 2004 at 7th St south of the Carefree Hwy in a little tucked away area with amazing views. Currently in our home resides a houseful of one’s—1 dad, 1 mom, 1 daughter, 1 dog, 1 cat and 1 fish – hopefully Noah’s Ark never comes calling… Aside from being a licensed real estate agent for the past 5 years, my husband and I own a business that sells artificial grass and putting greens—who knew there was so much to learn about synthetic grass. If anyone is interested you can visit our showroom and warehouse at Cave Creek Rd and the Loop 101 at 2720 E Mohawk Ln, or our websites at www.SyntheticGrassStore.com or www.AZTurfMasters.com

Favorite saying or inspiration. A while ago, someone quoted the following statement and I personally find it true for me; “To be happy you need 3 things; something to do, something to look forward to and someone to love”. I feel that if you have these things in life you’re doing pretty well.

I enjoy getting out of town with my family to Point Loma San Diego any chance I get. As a family we also like to Lake Pleasant a few dozen times a year, along with the ski slopes at Copper Mountain in Colorado.

Do you have a "mantra" that keeps you going? When I am trying to make it through the timed mile at boot camp I pull out a favorite saying from Dory (Finding Nemo, which was the first movie my daughter watched over and over and….) So instead of “just keep swimming” I say “just keep running” over and over, and somehow the run is over! Other than that my sister in law got me hooked on “good times” from a classic Saturday Night Live skit with Alec Baldwin. I am not really sure how inspiring these are, but this what I have up my sleeve!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Peavine Trail Run

Six of us did a road trip this am to Prescott to run on the Peavine Trail. All of us agreed that it was a really fantastic running trail and we'll be going back for sure. We ran eight miles today. The Peavine Trail is 5.2 miles long but you can make it a much longer run as it connects with other trails around Watson lake and to Prescott valley. This would make a great place to do longer marathon training runs. The run is a gradual uphill for about 3 miles but you don't really notice it because of the view of Watson Lake and the rock formations to distract you. Click on the more info below for a few photos of the Peavine trail. Next time I'm going to take a video recorder that I can put on my visor so I can record some of the nicer views and heavy breathing (that would be me).

We had a super time joking around and having a nice breakfast afterwards. Some of the highlights were our interpretations of how we should respond if we were spotted by a hungry mountain lion (there were warning signs on the trail) and what slogans we could put on the back of our shirts.

We got some mountain bike dude to take our photo. From left to right: Renee U, Renee R, Kim, e, Nikki & Heather. Forgive us if we look like we just ran...

The breakfast spread. We had giant muffins (so giant we had to split it 3 ways), fruit & some awesome protein drink that Renee R. got at Costco (which makes me want to get a Costco membership) and juice.

In front of the trail system sign. Of course, I ("e") took the photo. There is also one with me in it but for some reason I appear to have my eyes sealed shut.

For more about the Peavine Trail (with a few photos) and the Mile High trails in Prescott, CLICK HERE.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Just Get Out of Bed...

My motivation was seriously lacking this morning. It would have been soooooooo easy to push the snooze button and not go for the Tuesday run. However, I KNEW there would be other RC3 chicks who would show up to run. Thank you Renee R, Christina, Vicki and Heidi for making it all worthwhile. I ended up having a really nice run. And I just have to say that I'm quite impressed with how quickly Renee and Christina are improving. They were not far behind Heidi and I and they were SMILING as they ran toward the finish point. We also have an extremely fast walker in our group. You have to jog to even keep up with Vicki walking. She would finish in front of a lot of marathoners at her walking pace. So if you think walking is not as good as running, we can pair you up with Vicki for a few miles and you'll change your tune.

I know summer is tough and the runs are super early but I just want to let you all know that you will be glad you rolled out of bed and joined in on a schedule run/walk/super fast Vicki walk. This is the time to prepare for all the fun fall and winter running events that we have coming up.