Friday, May 22, 2009

Bringing Up The Rear

I confess... I am NOT a runner - but I play one in the RC3 club!! Anyone reading this thinking they're NOT a runner.... if I can do it - so can you! And by the way - I'll be right by your side bringing up the rear (for those of you slow enough to keep up.... ha)!

I have another confession to make.... I am blog challenged. I'm pretty sure e gave instructions on what to write in the blog - I'm also pretty sure I'm not doing that!

BONNIE and CHRISTINE - it was great to have you guys run with us this week. Looking forward to running with more of you....

CLAIRE - where are you??


  1. OK... I have to comment on my own blog since I forgot to tell you that it's ME - Heather! AND - how do I post my picture (told you I was blog challenged)??? I'll be lucky to find my way back here! :)


  2. But you just blogged beautifully. I think you are a natural blog "ho"!
    You know... you bring up the rear but you are never far behind. Go HC6 (a.k.a. HEATHER)!