Tuesday, May 26, 2009


In the last few days I have met several of the newcomers either through the Spur Cross run on Sunday or boot camp today. It was great meeting everyone and putting a face to the email address!
I look forward to many more adventures with all of you.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday Spur Cross Run

Spur Cross Road is one of our regular Sunday morning runs. I stuck my camera in the back of the car to snap a couple photos this morning. So look your best RC3 chicks because I'm going to make this a regular practice for awhile. A couple newbies this morning, Sandy and Renee. We did 4.5 miles with a few hill repeats as we ran back to our run/walkers. It was a nice relaxing morning.

From left to right: Kim, Kira, Sandy and Renee. I (a.k.a. "e") was there as well, but I haven't figured out how to be in two spots at the same time. I do have to say something about this photo. First, it's in the parking lot of Spur Cross Station where we start. Second, you can see Sandy in the process of saying something. For anyone that knows Sandy, you KNOW that what she is about to say will result in the photo below.

Yes, Sandy is our comedian. She always says something that results in laughter. It was great to have both Sandy and Renee there.

That being said, I just want to remind all of our current and future RC3 chicks that we have all levels. Whether you are training for a marathon or just beginning, and walk with short periods of running, you are a running chick in our book.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Ragnar Del Sol Relay Run

A few of us RC3 girls ran on Adventure Boot Camp Dos Ragnar Relay team February 27-28. This was before our new club status (Don't be surprised if there isn't an RC3 team doing Ragnar next year. Oh stop... I know what you were just thinking. You KNOW it will happen!)

Ragnar Del Sol was a 202 mile run from Prescott to Mesa. We each did 3 legs. It was basically a sleepless nonstop driving and run fest. It was challenging to say the least. I though I'd post a few photos from that. No night photos though as my camera seemed to become more of a burden the later it got.

We had 2 vehicles with 6 people in them. Here's my running buddies in vehicle one. Left to right "e", Heidi, Kayla (my import from Michigan who made the rest of us wish we had half of her energy and speed), Nikki, Dave (token dude) and Brianna.

Heidi had the starting leg in Prescott. She's looking all fresh and cheerful. You should have seen her at night running down some off road path. All we could hear from the side of the road was "Does anybody know where we go??" There were some profanities as well but I'm trying to keep it "Disney".

Here's Nikki after running down Skull Valley Road. One would ask where in the @#$ is Skull Valley Road? Duh! In Skull Valley! Just don't ask me where Skull Valley is. All I know is there was maybe a house with a barn. 

Here is Kayla rockin' the run by McDowell Mountain Park (Note the two dudes way behind her). I'm her Aunt "E" and wicked proud of her. Her best time was around midnight during her longest run (7.5 miles). I'm also going to give her a "shout out" as she is running in the State (Michigan) finals, May 30th. She qualified in the 800 meters. She is only a sophomore. How cool is that??

Bringing Up The Rear

I confess... I am NOT a runner - but I play one in the RC3 club!! Anyone reading this thinking they're NOT a runner.... if I can do it - so can you! And by the way - I'll be right by your side bringing up the rear (for those of you slow enough to keep up.... ha)!

I have another confession to make.... I am blog challenged. I'm pretty sure e gave instructions on what to write in the blog - I'm also pretty sure I'm not doing that!

BONNIE and CHRISTINE - it was great to have you guys run with us this week. Looking forward to running with more of you....

CLAIRE - where are you??

New Chicks

Just wanted to say how nice it was to have new Cave Creek chicks join us for a run yesterday. They did great. Welcome Bonnie M. & Christina P!

Overton trail hike/run was rained out this morning. That's a good thing in Phoenix. Spur Cross Road run at 6:00 a.m. this Sunday. See you there.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dirty 6 Mud Run

Some of our RC3 girls participated in the Dirty 6 Mud Run on April 25.  I think it will have to go on the calendar for next year. The Dirty 6 Mud run was a 6 mile run with obstacles along the way such as an inflatable city and of course a huge mud pit. I think these photos say it all!

Everybody's looking pretty clean here. RC3 girls Alaina (#465), Jamee (#274), Jodi (#427), Syndie (#396), Heidi (#75) and Meagan. 

Oh my... Syndie, what did you get yourself into??

We all have to get a little dirty every now and then.  Alaina, Jamee & Syndie. You Cave Creek running chicks rocked the Dirty 6!

Whiskey Row Test

Here are a couple of pictures from Whiskey Row, May 2, 2009. This was my second 10K and the first time my kids saw me run.

This is a great race…hopefully next year I can have some company!

Good Dam Run

I suppose if we're going to have a running club we should have some proof that we actually do run. Although we could have just put the numbers on our shirts for show... In all seriousness, today is our first official day of becoming RC3. Thank you Christina P. for coming up with a kick ass club name. That being said, I'm somewhat gidd "e" that I'm making the first post with a photo. So here it is...

Kim, Heather, Jodi and I ("e") did the Good Damn Run on April 4th at Lake Pleasant. There was a seven mile course and a 4 mile course. Kim, Heather and I did the 7 mile and Jodi did the 4 mile. Both courses ended with an out and back over the Waddell damn. Thus, The Good Damn Run. It really was a perfect running day and this is a run that is already on our list for 2010.

I should mention that Kim & Jodi invited their spouses (Mark & Craig) along. So I guess they were honorary Cave Creek Running Chicks. Jodi and spouse Craig went for a jog and both ended up getting first place.

Left to right: Kim, Heather, e & Jodi

And We're Off . . .

RC3 (Running Chicks of Cave Creek) is now official. Very cool! Check back in a few days for lots of new stuff... running calendar, photos, cool articles, links and all things for cool running chicks.

Ummm... not those kind of chicks!