Tuesday, November 21, 2017

2018 is RC3's 10 Year Anniversary!

2018 will mark the 10 year anniversary since RC3 became an official nonprofit running club. For our new runners the idea to start a running club happened after Heidi Brashear talked me ("E") into doing my first road race... which ended up being the Tucson marathon. While training more and more chicks joined us and one day while doing a group run a guy in the neighborhood out walking said - "You girls need to start a running club!" The rest is history.

Over the last 10 years we've had some great celebrations, donated funds to Spur Cross Conservation, families in need during the holidays and this year we're giving a $500 check to the Foothills Food bank. We would like to continue to donate our local community as well as remain an insured, nonprofit under the umbrella of the Road Runners Club of America.

The last 2 years, we have not collected dues as the officers took a hiatus to take care of some hard life events. However, we're pulling it together and ready to celebrate 10 years of running, 10 years of friendships, 10 years of running adventures and 10 years of fun! Not only are we lowering the dues for 2018, you will receive a gift with your membership.

With a $12.00 dues/membership you will receive 1 RC3 Libby stemless wine glass. On the front is our RC3 logo and on the back halfway up is 13.1 and towards the top 26.2. You can thank Syndie McNaughton for this idea! If you would like 2 glasses instead of 1, you can pay $20 for membership and 2 glasses.

In summary: 
$12.00 Membership Option 1 with 1 wine glass
$20.00 Membership Option 2 with 2 wine glasses

These may be delivered by December 1st. If you are going to Paula's Open House, I will take checks/cash there. Otherwise feel free to reserve your glass/glasses by using the following PayPal link:

RC3 Wine Glass with Membership

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

More 20 milers!

We had a couple of chicks do their 20 miler this past weekend. Angela and Carly finished through wind, rain and from I heard, a little detour in the desert.

Carly is training for the San Diego Rock N Roll Marathon and Angela is one of the chicks doing the Mountains to Beach Marathon in Ojai, CA

Here they are flat on their backs happy to be finished!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Chicks Go Back to Boston

Most of this post is from an email that Syndie sent to the group and I loved it so much I wanted to use her words combined with some of my own and share photos of our Boston Runnahs!

Wow.  What an incredible day in Boston this week!  

For the elite women it was crazy competitive.  All three of the top finishers broke the previous course record going under 2:20:43.  The top American female was Shalane with a 2:22:02 (finishing 7th).  A time she trained for and thought could win.  She did vow though later to come back every year until she wins it…and I know she will!  Desi was the 2nd America female and finished with a 2:23:54.  

On the men’s side it was all MEB!!  Meb Keflezighi from San Diego, took the lead at the beginning and never looked back.  He is the first American winner of the Boston Marathon in 38 years!!  What makes all of this even better is that he is such a genuinely likeable guy.  I have heard so many good things said about him, and read that on each corner of his race bib, written in black sharpie, was the names  of last year’s victims!  

This pic was one that he tweeted out before the race wishing everyone good luck and you can see the names!  Now that’s classy! 

Most importantly, our two gals Rachael & Darris finally were able to cross that finish line after being taken from the course last year due to the bombings.  We are all so grateful for their safety and that they were strong enough to go back.

We are so proud of both of them for completing that chapter of their lives.  Great job ladies!!

This photo of Darris makes me choke up seeing the emotion that everyone must have been feeling that day and crossing that finish line this year.

Darris and Rachel finishing!

Darris and Rachel with their medals!

Monday, April 21, 2014

M2B Chicks 20 Miler

Chicks training for the Mountians to Beach Marathon in California next month did a 20 mile run this weekend.  It was a beautiful morning and we are closing in on 5 weeks before the race.  

A few of us stopped to take a quick selfie just for fun

Monday, March 10, 2014

Phoenix Marathon March 1, 2014

Despite the prediction of lots of rain and wind, we had a few of our chicks representing RC3 this year at the Phoenix Marathon.  Some did the full, some did the half.

Rhonda and Syndie trying to stay dry at the starting line 

Su and April keeping dry before the start of the race.  Both of these girls did the full marathon.

April making her way across the finish line in her very first full marathon with a time of 4:15!

Half marathon finishers:  Jaynie, Carly set a PR with a time of 2:04 taking 11 minutes off her first half, Rhonda set a PR with a time of 2:11 taking 8 minutes off her first half and Syndie with a time of 1:56 and also placed 13th in her division!

We've Got Your Back 5K February 8, 2014

On of our very own chicks, Susan, put together the first annual We've Got Your Back 5K race and a 1 mile fun run/walk benefiting spinal research foundation.

It was a beautiful morning and plenty of our chicks were there to support Susan and to support the cause by running the race and also by volunteering.

Thanks to one of the groups "fast" chicks running along side her and pushing her to do it, Rhonda was able to PR on the 5K finishing at 27:33

RC3 was the winner for largest registered team getting them pizza from Spinato's and a huge bag of GU's for the group.

Everyone had a great time.  There were special guests including Larry Fitgerald (who didn't run but hopefully we will see him run it next year)! Lots of prizes too.  

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Getting started on M2B 2014 training!

The RC3 chicks love the Mountains to Beach marathon so much we are going back again this year!  Even though we do not live in the middle of the polar vortex, it was a cold morning (and dark)!  Always an adventure with these girls and always happy when the sun finally comes up at the end of our run.